Give The Gift of Peace This Christmas Instructions

We are excited to begin our Advent Service Project for all of our students: “Give the Gift of Peace this Christmas”. This school-wide service project is designed to teach our children the value of hands-on service to others and the importance of providing peace and love to the less fortunate. Our parents work very hard and are very generous with their time, talent, and treasure. We want our children to learn this first hand from Monday, November 20 – Wednesday, December 20, students are encouraged to perform acts of service at home to raise funds for two causes:

  • To purchase Christmas presents for the children and parents residing in the Pasco family homeless shelter.
  • For the Schoenstatt Sisters who provide food and shelter to poor families in the Dominican Republic.

To help students keep track of their service, we have created tickets. Once your child completes the service, please fill out a service ticket and place it along with any funds raised in an envelope marked “Give the Gift of Peace this Christmas.” The envelope should then be turned in to your child’s teacher. For example: if your child picks up leaves, cleans out a closet, empties the dishwasher, mops the floor, vacuums out the car… You place that service on a ticket and the money can be used for:

We will talk to the children about what they are doing, as outlined above, and why their service is so important. Please continue this conversation at home as well. If the children don’t know what they are doing this service for, and why it is important, then we have missed the mark. We need your help to make sure they understand.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to working with you to bring peace and love to families who find themselves staying in a shelter this Christmas and for the Schoenstatt Sisters who work hard every day to provide for poor families in the Dominican Republic.