From the Principal

Welcome to Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School.  We are a very blessed community that strives to live out our Mission in all that we do:

Inspired by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and rooted in the Catholic faith,
our mission is to develop young people who
strive for academic excellence,
respect the dignity of each individual, and
foster service to others. 

Whenever we are making a decision, there are two guiding questions we ask:  How does this help students? and How does this live out our mission.  Living out our mission is the vocation of the entire community.

We have the finest collection of educators and staff who offer a holistic education including academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional growth.  We do not strive for perfection because it is unattainable.  Instead, we strive for excellence.  That is an achievable goal that celebrates all the gifts we are given by God.  By utilizing the gifts to the best of our ability, we honor our Creator.

Our patroness, Mother Teresa, lived her life as an example for all of us to follow.  Her devotion, compassion, and love were evident to everyone who met her.  She, and her sisters, saw Jesus in everyone they served.  That is what it means to “respect the dignity of each individual”.  We are all called to recognize, and to love, the dignity of each person as a creation of God.

Finally, we are all called to serve.  Each of us in our own way, with our own talents.  Individually, we have a small but important impact on those around us.  Collectively, we are the hands and feet of God.  We do this through our everyday service within our school as well as our many projects within our community.  Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”  This is our mission and our vocation.

Thank you for considering our beautiful community as you look for a school to partner with you in your child’s education.  May God bless you and your family!

Yours in Christ,

Teresa Caraker