Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School follows the curriculum as outlined by the Diocese of St. Petersburg Office of Catholic Schools. It is closely aligned with the New Generations Sunshine State Standards as set forth by the Florida Department of Education as well as based on national and professional standards for each content area and infused with tenets of the Catholic Faith. A brief outline of the K-8 curriculum is given below. To view a more detailed outline of the curriculum standards and benchmarks for each subject area, please visit the Diocesan site at

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Kindergarten: The kindergarten program is a full day program following the guidelines set up by the Florida Catholic Conference. The purpose of the program is to foster a love of the Church and the school through the gentle discovery of the wonders of the world that God has made and given to us. The following subjects are taught: Christian formation, reading readiness and phonics, handwriting, math, science, social studies, health, art, drama, music, physical education and computer science. Several approaches are used in teaching skills in these areas. Manipulatives, text books, workbooks and worksheets are only some of the mediums used in our program. To the extent that the teacher is able, methods are adjusted in the acquisition of skills to meet the individual needs of each child. Questions, curiosity and investigation are encouraged. Individual and group work is encouraged.