Taste of Mediterranean – 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Class Basket -Taste of Mediterranean


Indulge in your love of Mediterranean food with the 3rd Grade’s “Taste of Mediterranean” basket! Savor everything in this unique basket that is packaged for you in a beautiful wicker basket with gourmet goodies like full bodied red wines, specialty Mediterranean olive oil blends from Joe & Sons Olive Oils, olives, peppers, spices, dressings, and Greek snacks & desserts.

Unwind and relax with your olive oil soaps, sponges, teas, and a specialty Greek coffee blend to brew in a DeLonghi espresso machine. Treat your family to Louis Pappas to relish your favorite Greek food with a $50 gift card. Want to make your own Mediterranean inspired dishes at home? Drive to Publix/Whole Foods with over $215 in gift cards to purchase the ingredients.

Basket valued at more than $600.00


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