Student Support Services

MTC provides support for children with mild disabilities. Student Support Plans are written for formally identified children needing accommodations in the classroom and for standardized TerraNova testing. A new support plan is written every academic year or as needed. MTC does not provide a pull-out program, modifications to the curriculum or employ special education teachers.

The following accommodations can be provided based on psychoeducational documentation and/or medical reports. All children are expected to follow the MTC Code of Conduct.

Physical Arrangement of Room

  • Seating student near teacher
  • Seating student near positive role model
  • Standing near the student when giving directions/presenting lesson
  • Increasing the distance between desks

Lesson Presentation

  • Writing key points and homework on the board
  • Using computer assisted instruction


  • Extra time to complete in class assignments
  • 1.5 extended time to complete in class graded assignments
  • Reducing homework without changing learning outcomes
  • Not grading handwriting unless handwriting is being evaluated
  • Not grading spelling/language mechanics unless spelling/language mechanics are being evaluated
  • Decrease Vocabulary Workshop enrichment words by 50%
  • Decrease AR requirements by 50%

Test Taking

  • Extended 1.5 time for exams, tests, and quizzes
  • Extended 1.5 time for TerraNova assessment


  • Encouraging student to write in planner.
  • Teacher sign planner
  • Provide extra time to clean out locker/cubby/desk


  • Praising specific behaviors
  • Keeping classroom rules simple and clear
  • Cueing student to stay on task by lightly tapping desk or textbook