Service Hours

All families at MTC are required to perform service hours each school year. Families with one student must perform 10 hours; families with two or more students must perform 20. Typical service hour opportunities throughout the year include chaperoning field trips, helping in the cafeteria, and working at school events. Total required service hours may be fulfilled by assuming leadership roles, such as coaching, chairing an event, holding an HSA office, or serving as a homeroom parent.

To receive credit for service hours, volunteers must acquire from the front office a blue service hour coupon. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to complete the coupon and have it signed by the HSA event chairperson or, depending on the service performed, by the appropriate teacher or school department head. This coupon must be completed, signed and returned to the front office to ensure proper credit.

In addition to volunteering time, service hours may also be earned by purchasing items for the school, such as the clinic, P.E., or classroom supplies. To receive credit for purchases, receipts must be attached to the completed and approved service hour coupon.

Each service hour is worth $20, which means families who do not fulfill their service hour requirement will receive an invoice for any unfulfilled hours. Service hours must be completed by May 1st. Service hours are nontransferable and do not carry over to the following year. Hours are earned for school events only; hours for parish-related events will not be accepted. Funds generated are used for school improvements.