Retake Policy

Summative Assessment Retake Policy

Students receiving less than 80% on a summative assessment may request a retake. The goal of the summative retake policy is to allow students to work toward mastery of a standard(s).The following retake policy is designed to encourage the necessary relearning on the part of the student.

  • Student or parent request a retake assessment within three days after the teacher has reviewed the summative with the class.
  • Teachers will post retake dates when the summative assessments grades are reviewed in the class.
  • 80% is the maximum a student may earn on a retake.
  • Retakes will be taken within a reasonable time frame that the teacher determines and informs students of in advance.
  • The retake assessment is given at the teacher’s discretion, either in class, before school, after school, or during recess.
  • Only one retake will be allowed per summative assessment.
  • Teachers have discretion over the format of the retake assessment.
  • The summative retake grade will be the grade recorded in the gradebook on Rediker.
  • In the event that a student is absent, and misses the date of their retake, the student must take the retake assessment the day they return to school.
  • Extended projects with ongoing feedback and clear completion deadlines do not qualify for retakes.
  • Middle school final exams do not qualify for retakes.

Formative Assessment Retake Policy

Whenever a student learns new material, he or she needs time to practice and gain familiarity with the material. It is expected that the student will make mistakes during this learning process. Any work done during this learning period is considered formative. The purpose of a formative assessment is to evaluate where he or she is in the learning process. Since formative assessments do not measure complete mastery of a standard, retakes on formative assessments are not offered.